The charm of an ancient Sicilian Abbey

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    700 years of Sicilian history

    A splendid historic residence in Sicily, the perfect location for your every need. The Abbazia Santa Maria del Bosco, carved out of an ancient Benedictine abbey dating back to the 1300s, now a Relais with 13 comfortable suites and more than 15,000 square meters of majestic indoor and outdoor spaces.


    Get married inside a historic mansion

    The privilege of getting married in a historic mansion with more than 700 years of history that will serve as the backdrop for the best day of your life.



    Dream wedding in a timeless place

    Highly specialized staff in the wedding industry, and a unique and dedicated service for an unforgettable day.

    The Abbazia Santa Maria del Bosco will make your wedding a unique experience thanks to the natural charm of the places where it is located, the history it tells, and the attention paid to each and every detail by a team of professionals who will assist you every step of the way. Our wedding planner will assist you in achieving a ranate, exclusive and personalized wedding with a keen eye for the most innovative trends.


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    Getting married at the Abbazia Santa Maria del Bosco also means having 13 luxurious, distinctively styled suites available for guests after a day of celebration. Elegant, refined, chic.


    The rooms of the Abbazia Santa Maria del Bosco, carved out of the ancient cells of the Benedictine monks, are all furnished with typical Sicilian classical art furniture and encapsulate the perfect union between a past rich with a history that has already been lived but that can still be told, and a present that is being lived right now.


    700 years of history for an exclusive event


    Over the years, the Abbazia Santa Maria del Bosco has been the location for countless films, from Il Siciliano (1987) by Michael Cimino, starring Christopher Lambert and John Turturro.


    Dimenticare Palermo (1990) by Francesco Rosi, starring Jim Belushi, Mimi Rogers.



    Il regista di matrimoni (2006) by Marco Bellocchio, with Sergio Castellitto and Donatella Finocchiaro. The Abbey was recently chosen for Netflix’s latest productions in 2022, such as Incastrati by Ficarra and Picone and other productions.

    Abbazia Santa Maria del Bosco - Contessa Entellina, Sicily

    A perfect historic home for your unforgettable event

    Thanks to its countless indoor and outdoor spaces, the Abbazia Santa Maria del Bosco is also very suitable for photo shoots and musical and corporate events. Moreover, having 13 luxurious suites and an in-house catering service, we are confident that we can accommodate and support you at all times.

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      Company name Fingiat SpA
      Via Trapani 1/d, 90141 Palermo, Italy
      CF/PI 04401210820 – REA PA n°184913
      Paid-up share capital: € 2.080.000,00
      Abbazia Santa Maria del Bosco - Contessa Entellina, Sicily

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      Abbazia Santa Maria del Bosco - Contessa Entellina, Sicily

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